divine magnet





Beth Ayer


This Is Later

Awe for the dead horse trailing the living

and the pink heart escaping the chest

so that I may feel an otherwise

forbidden shame in this sunrise

So that I may sway the velocities

of evanescent increments,

a concept both foreign and not.

I don’t know what is in this

but all of us, and I will never know

the ghosts of departed quantities

as I will never know if you were right

I examine my right big toe

omitting the rest so I tip

confusing the infinite with the rice.

The Judge and I have nothing to judge

but an armful of puppies, easily dealt

to the delta so the sound of my

voice is the proof of the infinitesimal

and the old mill burns and the city fills with smoke

and the last fire sparks with a vestige of the first


Conversation with a Saber-tooth Tiger

Have you considered the correlation

Between immune function and kindness?

There is a man in a tank top knitting a scarf

in this coffee shop in Northampton

in November.

In another place they are

Hooking electrodes to couples

Measuring sweat and memories

Negative communication

And its reverberations.

Veterans are walking down this street

With medals and some real flags

And some souvenir flags

There is even a small dog.

One cub scout waves at the sidewalk

A man makes a record with his iPhone

Only during a parade do you wave

At cars driving down the street,

But maybe every day

We should be like, Holy shit a car.