divine magnet





Leopoldine Core



Baltimore is the darkest place

it’s basically been fucked with

damp houses

meat in the trees

And you are the world’s most

intrepid salesman


that’s what you have

instead of Harvard.

You make me feel

like a kitten

with a wallet

with a wallet

But the sun is strange

pencil light pouring

out of a hole and

I can’t move in this house

someone’s life

is still here

the bed is warm

with it.

Why do I go on the internet

when everywhere else

is heaven?

Even the torture

of watching my hand

in the bathwater

Even the flat silver

light of Baltimore.

I came here

I thought it was free

I wanted to write poetry

God was in a car in the sky

and I shouted my arm is so weak

and he said I know

it’s like a toothpick holding a machine

and I saw his face for a minute

Satan’s bacony lips

It wasn’t God

just some confident animal

in a car

And the trees were

kind of purring

And I noticed my legs

were gone.

We’re like something

that camps out

in your home

here is the chair

here is the door


the glare of light

on your tongue

heaven touches me


the text

is its own animal


in the dark.



the word canoe is practically a feeling.


The Most

manipulative thing

I have ever done

is I was walking

down the street with a man

we passed a beautiful pot of flowers

and I said look


he was beautiful.

I knew that saying look would make him


I knew that he would bend down

to smell the flowers

and it would be the most beautiful person

to ever

smell flowers.

Since then there have been more beautiful people.

I met the most beautiful person in the world.

But I remember his beauty because

it was the main thing.

I remember holding it

in the jar of my eye

perfect mouse.

I remember that he did not like

to be beautiful

this way

like a mouse.


All You Have to Do

is channel

the 1970s

and you’re