divine magnet





Emily Kendal Frey



The self extinguishes itself along floorboards

A door that opens burns twice as fast

When I leave I miss not missing as much as I miss having not gone

Oh the fear of god escaping a god hole

In the basement is both the bottom of sex and its beginning

When I am halving as iceberg or whale what halves impart cold and what muscle

What do we admire but for the mother

What half of your leaving is yet upon us

Bottomless mountain, morning crest, eyes rose crisps

As spring comes alive so I become ungrown

Festered camellia

One analysis is graphed orgasm

I desperately need my enemies to have real problems

J says men need to feel their shame

We need to air our shame he is fond of saying

I dreamed my friend from Wisconsin drove out to the middle and set his beard on fire

His shame cast a light on a distant galaxy

Who won’t eventually burn to a star in someone’s dream

I don’t have to leap to know I’m falling

Selling Ice for California as college major

Bus to the coast to pick up the remaining candy canes

When you leave, leave traces

Sad should make a brighter mark

If the Dodge Dart

If time is a place I want no wantable frame

If a place is a place in time

She’s been seen feeding birds someone said

Like she’d shit herself

Like she’d popped a water bed

My heart is beating like bird shit

My mom left The Doors movie

That’s not how I want to remember Jim she said

This was before my no underwear phase

If I must give an answer I shall provide a false one

A relationship takes a lot of lies is one theory

How did I get so lucky

Love horseshoed to my body

I face a tree and yet know nothing

Of trees

Time beats

Last night you stood across the road from god

What kept you to the field

What keeps you from stepping into the road so

What mathematics for berry

Oh to have been unlucky

Toilet epiphany

A tree in the road of god

To be naked with god

To reach the side of god skin

Split to reveal seeds

The firm beating of god

If my lonely is god-given I am the first god