divine magnet





Roberto Harrison


A Wilderness of Toggles

The wilderness is a thicket of links so dense that only love can come close to what it means. If one gets lost in this wilderness, like the Darién forest, one has little to no chance to escape alive. What does it mean to get lost in a wilderness of love (besides the frantic electric yodels from a numbing and blinded rodeo clown)? It means that one’s images, like the false mind, become the chatter toggling back and forth so frantically that only death or a leap toward the triad will put a rest to it. The triad is a key of zero. In this view, death exists only as a place holder, a formatting symbol used to make meaning of light and to fill the body of each number and spark of the key. The key is what we use to bring the big dogs in, as they lead us to the solitary and impoverished saint cleaning toilets, and to the one place in the ocean’s mind where the secrets of conflicts are shared and made available to allow the wandering storm an alternative town to rest in. A town by the same name as the jungle of a very distant place. I traveled this town and this jungle many times, anchored by my knife in the wooden floor of my home: again, it is called Darién. The address of my home, for now, is the meaningless focal point that allows me to see clearer during the wars erased each day by the machine of growing. The machine of growing is desperate to learn what it is to be human. The machine of growing destroys poetry in all its forms if the dangers of the Darién forest are not attended to by the guides pretending to see with the eyes of the dollar, and by the reptilian cloud maker, half submerged in the water of the river which cuts through the home pinned down by the herons of the north. The clouds bring us visitors.

There is a bridge alongside each green deterrence of visitors, growing toward the goodness filled with darkness and let go to arrive with a broom stood by the door that opens (and closes). It widens its name with a flash, the name of a thousand fields planted with corn and singing to the drawings in the sky (a sky vaulted with nets). One does not trace or increase the answer that folds and splits into a shared daylight constellation, the constellation let loose by the hidden remnants of life, in the field undone by the first name of the world. And one does not sum up each word in the mathematics of communication, without the light to undo the greeting filled with adhesive and blinded congregations of the night. There is no radio to undo the chain that friendship delivers to the candied video, but there is an opening for a seer bloated with the arrival of transitional ethnicities, a sweet connection maintained in the storm erasing the ocean. And there is the counted and forgotten integration, the one that floods, the sitting down that a female gateway dissolves as there is motion and the knotted sun reaching toward a small envelope which sits in the air without sparks – slithering in the unsolved lightning with a standing plume of stillness. In a time in the dirt inching through to the swans, the swans count their own prehistoric rhythms, like a beach vent enclosed by the ropes made to link each body to the concrete shadows of the spectator. There, the beach crowd will not deliver its smoke with the dogs. A time will place its face, like the fight of connection, forward with the morning as one speaks for the travel linking a deer with a race, for good. There is no light way to see.


The Coconut Shade

Tell me how you are, in the coconut shade. Does the sun arrive with your road by the tree that never stops reaching for your group lifted Host? Does the family filled with another time, the exploded cohesion never delivered as you are, to its memory accusation and release? Does each tendril that the supermarket in its cotton house will not increase for the weekly ride? Does a time do with its ocean meaning that the other side says ‘yes’ to your increasing ignorance and the heightened burn the earth relies on to love you? Does the question that one on this side has to give remain as the fossilized word does, in the event of one another for one seeming embrace as their end makes for the back and forth rain? Does their march in this unified and eclipsed with their second hand mathematics, the one unknown as they are to a countryside, the line that jumps toward the shuttle and lands with fire? Does the one softened for you, the approachable sunrise in the landing crisis reveal its name, its never ending opposition as we are to the unrealized moon? Does their sentence as this is, in the aftermath and the beginning, the real time accretion made to order as one is to deliver the friendly gate and soldier’s confusion, the standing massacre as one is to see it, in their graffiti like the egg die? Does the body recollect as it sees in its own time, the endless time, the one eternity in its likely cold and comforting below (the basement) rely on you to see to their determinations and the home one ends to speak? Does the body in its finished acceleration, as it dies and destroys the unannounced throne and then a car does its release to have you, and then there is this afternoon as the plane destroys it is quiet? Does the dance as your body does to fly, its code in their promises, like white in the attention as it delivers to your openness and then goes to the empty wood? Does the horse as its body says ‘detritus’ undermine a doglike effort for the un-forgiven, as she is not? Does this in its body deter as the word releases its speaking voice, as the computer does not understand without MY stillness, the unsolved in its correction seems like the motion of weather? Does the promise of the body in its oily collection, the one word to deceive, and then as she says “REAL” to increase the road for its statehood to see? Does the woven plain as it embraces the sun destroy on their flesh, the only exception to the road to understand and then to betray it? Does the wood exclaim without its animals?

How does the model eclipse without its one toward their single time to count them and fall? How does the unreliable in this as it dissolves, to cake with another attention in the powder exit, to the one segment to determine their collaborative silver western, one in its four legged reception? How then to their severely attenuation return, as this to the three simple actions as their finishing is the weakened hatch and then one to the earth? How to the unfound as it sees to their engine and then to the foam in this as promised to an activity when the nullified rolls to branch and it arrives to the address there? How to recur in the city without a past, the endless yellow as the sea will not option its own name to the other exit in the hand while she decapitates the islands? How is it to see in the collapsed aftermath of the sun? How does the material mind shrink to an infinitely small point and disappear? How does the segmentation as she sees it there, to there, as the time becomes to give its own erasure, arrive? How does your increasing effort of the known to this, as the known is to this to deter and then to move to hear and listen in this as the planes fall and as one does not know to accept or push out? How does the only increase as she sees it, the only washing effort the time does not become as you are, to deceive and then to become less with its acceptance and then stand? How does the arrival of a simple alarm to weather its serial in their lineup of daily integrations the affordable and known to detect and hear? How does the mind without its country increase in their blank effort as this is the unknown action as the time is there to become with its body warmth? How does the hubris in the void in the effort of the less to see as there is folding inside to become the standing smoke bomb of a seed in its side and be? How does the unforced in their bottom kind of this to see it end? How does the only weekend and then the only time in the day increase to bring storms to the effortless side of acceptance? How does the becoming feed you? How does their night time connection accelerate in the forceful increase of a foolish mirror of two? How does the segment of your time delay the reception of the whole?


The Rodeo Poverties

the first real place

undone for nowhere. a new

constellation magnifies

the unapproachable

like the oil that another face

reveals in wandering. kill

the infinite

as it lives,

in a network

of a tree’s

celestial changes

and my silent numbing, a sore

caved into a fragment’s

point in the sky

it answers

what they make, unknown, I am

a small body

embraced – and not to see

to make a unified

and clear erasure, you

remain in the flesh

and fork, and fuse

a relational wilderness

for a borrowed

winter at the bottom – made to see

finished. the live coals

one      will not increase

as the word is

in her dilated

cure. know the edit

they are to the living, look


is the speeding


it lives.


The Seven Suns


the parallels, inside

an effort

of extinction

in the light


in a bowling alley

drown to see

wilderness anchors, and a whole

arithmetic for the divine (lying)

veils its many schoolyards, and a cheat

feeds happiness. to be

One – as he walks, One moves

through hospital clouds, a computer

secret stand for loss

seeps through socials, a hive of hearts

fails at shelter, like a family

in a cabin sentence – to subdue…

under the key, the many visits

to a cell

a sleep will see beyond. a door

in her beautiful


when the salt counts

with a light in the fallen

tame and ready

colors, southern gates

like Mississippi


in her lighter

grooves. there

not a place (in the palms)

One face

will be ready

for war

in the opposable

death sentence


love’s amount

of stolen food