divine magnet





Seth Parker


Per Capita

Janear Hines ‘My suit is shining’ ‘this is a suit’ Torin Thatcher ‘Turned into a greyhound’ Klaus Grabowski ‘Haunt, little voice’ ‘anthology, shadow’ George Geary ‘A doubling in the violence in the land, diamond’ Kirill Kondrashin ‘Hall of memory’ Rene-Lucien Chomette ‘Famous wives’ ‘You’re coming through in waves’ Dewitt Wallace ‘The nest they built’ ‘echolocation, glass’ Nicolaas Debrot ‘Shadows of the cathedral fissure’ ‘Damagingly signed’ Walter Horton ‘Get down’ ‘Gold teeth, life is unreal’ John Kieran ‘Photostatic copy, enacted charm of rubble’ Cornelius Cardew ‘Mythos of the lost ark’ ‘trilogy’ Mehmet Shehu ‘Scorpion, the reinforced letter’ ‘power down’ ‘architecture of signs’ Guido Provoost ‘Open out the olive branch’ ‘square of pain’ Frantisek Chaun ‘A wish for tits’ ‘violent picture of me’


Per Capita

Henri Barbusse ‘Inner map’ ‘Off of my power grave’ ‘Medieval scenes massage each other’ ‘Passages’ ‘off theft’ Max Barthel ‘She shit on my door fully anointed’ ‘brinking’ ‘One of the best songs ever witnessed’ ‘She’ll get a cheese in her head’ Robert Carr ‘Beer banqueting down your chest’ ‘Cream scorpion’ ‘Hypno-tailgate to the Confederate dead’ H. H. Ewers ‘He’s got some kind of spooky thing’ ‘Ground breathes’ ‘The top of the truck hit the branch of a tree’ ‘Catholic grinding’ ‘Brandon through the net’ Rudolf Geist ‘I think they’re talking about lawns’ ‘Green bisque’ ‘I’m going to crawl all over you in these’ ‘The biodome changes’ ‘then I bless you’ Wladimir Lidin ‘Come from the four winds’ ‘Breath and breathe’ ‘I would like to want old, ancient’ ‘haunted stroke to the mask’


Tyoyeu, It's Been a While

I’m thinkin’

of surfin’

I know this is a tan-line

anything got sharp

I always try to sway spirits coded in the fire

tears of the wave


to fray

Anything braided through the night

everything that’s bathed in light

everything you are

two ways