divine magnet





Emily Hunt


My Twenties

but w/ a dick

my thirties

the 40s

this interview

next year

my career



I’m curious,

do you believe it’s possible

to be dominated

and respected


I’m interested

in getting to know you better.

I spend a lot of time

thinking about

tits, ass,

what I’m going to be

when I grow up.

You should message me if

your lower body resembles

these buffalo wings I once ate

that were so plump and tender

they should have been wrapped

in sweatpants that say

Juicy on the back.

Girls often notice

my pecs, biceps,

symmetrical facial features

bone structure

crotch, etc,

and guys, their feeling of envy.

I’m really good at


You should message me if

you like a man with a few rough edges

and won’t secretly plot

to smooth them out the whole time.

Do you feel like you can write well?

For a white girl

you look like a decent rapper.

You look pretty gangsta

for a white girl.

Can I sleep with you?

It would really help.

I could never do without

water, it’s so pure.

Do you love hot sex?

Hello there.

You have some very atypical pictures, hello.


You look like you like to have fun.

What are your days like?

I’m just hanging,

going swimming whether summer or winter,

taking trips to tropical places,

going out to eat.

I’m diligently striving

to live a life of true purpose

and trying to find

true purpose while I’m at it lol.

I felt endeared, repulsed

and bemused

viewing your photos.

There’s a grammar mistake

I your what am I doing

with my life section.

You could probably create

a killer erasure

if you were stuck in a cave

with all the food and water you needed.

I always love to see other people's

creative processes, so forgive me

for what I imagine will be

the start of a barrage of questions,

but what inspires you to write?

Who/what has influenced your style

and, I guess, to a further extent,

the principles that guide your writing?

I'm constantly making simple, overlapping

generalizations about life as a whole

in an attempt to actively examine

the world as I pass through it.

I'm always focused on something or another.

You should message me if

1. You're not shy

2. You like coffee

3. You've got a great personality

and you want me to know it.

My humor is dry as a dessert

but my moves are sleek as silk.

I love bad puns, cities, and life in general.

I was also on Jeopardy once, as a subject.

So, take that as you will.

I'm a huge Velvet Underground fan.

I saw Lou Reed live in 2007,

he played Femme Fatale,

and I was the only person in the audience

to sing along.

I could never do without thoughts,

Science, Kindle, Beaches,

Friends, Beer, The Atlantic,

The Economist, The Liberal Elitist, Skylines.

Honestly, I'm having troubles

putting my life into a confined box.

It tears at my values of being human.

Hi there!

I’m enjoying my life

through and through.

I’m a city person.

Good morning.

I just visited your profile.

I don't know you anything

special or important to say.

I’m a great guy if you get to know me

but mostly pissed off lol.

Ever been with

two European guys?

Would you be open

to an ongoing, casual relationship?

Your profile is very intriguing.

Artists are a dying breed it seems.

Welcome, stranger.

Have you ever used the word

dreamy to describe someone?

I used to live on a road

named after you.

It was a beautiful place

that Google maps couldn’t find

where I could wander out into the yard

almost every afternoon.

If that is a power associated with the name

you’re the greatest person of all time

to take to parties.