divine magnet





RE Katz


The Reverse Mermaid

It is not 1999 and we are emptying the soup

into the toilet. We have to leave the soup say goodbye

to the soup say soup you were good you were loved

it’s just we are skipping the middle step. We know so much

more now. What we do is watch Ally McBeal in order to party

like it’s 1999. In 1999 you told me a story about a reverse

mermaid and I tried so hard to remember it until now because

a reverse mermaid is maybe the best image I have

ever been asked to conjure and now I’ve got nothing.

Reverse mermaid revamp marmot renal manservant

reverend nougat. I’m doing the same thing pagewise

which is worse and more dead. In 1999 I online shopped

for a plot in a cemetery called everyone has fun with you

even the ground. In 1999 I ate. I did eat. I didn’t understand

some things. Like I got naked to have cybersex. I had cybersex

with a reverse mermaid. She taught me how to make

squirrel melts and some things about time. She was so polite

she said please. Please don’t save your popsicle for later. What

happened to eyebrows in 1999 and how would you use your face

to describe what it felt like? All I know is eyebrows are sisters

not twins. How’s your moaning? I like to make parenthesis go

the same way and call it a dining room light solution. Remember

our play from 1999? We performed it for our parents that scene

where the character called Dry Vac has a wetdream about a man

carrying a really tall lamp in a bag. In 1999 the school counselor

told me my eyes aren’t very good and I’m aloof and that’s why

I’m startled all the time. I can learn to focus like a Wafflemaker

Manual. Always snack and underpromise. I learned that from

the reverse mermaid. You asked me what I want to be when

I grow up. Paranormal dermatology if it exists (of course it will exist)

seems exciting and lucrative. I don’t need glamor or your

understanding. The reverse mermaid taught me that.


Only Skirts can be Dirndl



pleated neatly down past

the knee: only skirts-up

girls play doctor

with animals born in

the time of the spill.

The spade trees that pepper

the West Texas sunset or

the south is a microwave you grew

up inside it.

What does it mean to be

the hottest girl in middle


You can turn-

table your own hit

song on the cracked

asphalt dimples

or stay in your hometown

for stock footage

and football pregnancy


You think you might

go out for the team

but you know what a headcold

the word torque is. You

finally get your bullhorn

and all you can say is

"don't dangle your

carrots at me.

Don't shoot that gun

at me, an unpaid intern.”