divine magnet





erica lewis


from mary wants to be a superwoman


lately i’ve been staring in the mirror*

i put my agility to a more rewarding purpose

you wouldn’t remember

you won’t even try

we came as romans

i was born in a country dead set against me

those black and white rain scenes

that’s where you got to meet your tribe

today i wish i could have been somewhere else

just a little gal who lost her bluebird

dumb shit

shiny ribs

the ones that we call daylight

an eagle full of beauty

you’re going to have to take all the books away and change them

* “lately”

i’ve been hurting for a long time*

you can’t get innocent twice

all this earth removed

the way time is preserved in layers


the only way down such a slope is to run

my mother was very beautiful

the tower of babel

in the desert, in the icy waters

the sweet river, where you are now

endless trains running by

i don’t know what happened

i’m a walking decoy except i can’t find my shadow

what to do with all that wildness

i stopped worrying about my father

crazy is as crazy does

stars in my pocket like lost data

there are no do overs

i was born a little deaf

it’s raining

beautiful rain

every part of me

in free fall

* “that girl”

this is not a coincidence*

people stare at the wrong things

you are the best of all of us

born into the echoes

the way we both are ugly

sitting in a mercy

never asking for sugar

or shade

38 year old woman with headache

no hemorrhage, edema, or evidence

that place where we often fetch ourselves

i don’t want to believe our spirits can be broken

like the bones inside me

the prevailing verse chorus hook

codes they come and go

but you know this

and that evil is real

we see the rain before it even starts to rain

i can't stop saying really personal things

wading is a ritual

we are the blues ourselves

white noise

sing into my mouth

if i had a solution i would fix us all

* “ribbon in the sky”

my whole body*

ensemble death blues

that neck of the woods

every waking moment

we don’t need to learn this lesson anymore

coming up empty

everyone against the wall

i think the minister will heal me if i ask him to

cause i’m an aching one

leaving a place, perpetually moving

sugar in my veins

my whalebone skirt

the sheets from underneath

i was always a runner but now i have nothing to show

you were running just like you are now

the wind blowing

a feather in your hair

a staggering voice

singing as if to break free

shake your head yes

never in the field of human conflict was so much owed

i’m sending my condolence

* “do i do”

i just called to say i love you*

the ocean is mean

i think you’re a summer person

fools like us

the past begins to reclaim you

old songs carried in the wind

broken hallelujahs

obscure sorrows

seeing how things turn out but not being able to tell yourself

we are the long gone

swans in half light

so many days i don’t feel

the unsettling awareness

as if we'd never seen it this way before

a story told physically

go into your dance

your own heartbeat

meditated with the lake

to bend so freely

our crowns may touch our roots

may very well snap in half

we sacrifice all the beauty in our lives

call us whatever you like

it took a long time mama, but we made it

* “i just called to say i love you”

up against the sun*

traditional soul bellow

and then the rain

sometimes it feels like it's over but it's not

thousands of people

a knife in the ocean

even the ones that seem so huge to us

the savage in me doubts you

holds my distance til the end

it takes a long time to heal yourself

everything is colder, deeper

my up above the inky black

the loons and i are very disconnected this year

we’ve lost our quorum

the mending of our inheritance

i want to talk beautifully about the dead people

at least i’m familiar

the cutting edge

these arrows to you

* “part time lover”