divine magnet





Nicole Reber


Skate More

you’re tearing the benches up

play well with authority

telling me what to do

leaves little to blame

you are back and forth

out of sight out of

my first impression

was that your ankles fit

well with the rest of

your geometry

he gave me a prefab sprout cd

after i told him I made my

website opening page after

orange juice’s “rip it up”

you know me

i’m acting dumb

dumb you know this scene

is very hum drum

and my favorite song’s entitled

hold on



I don’t know the names

for anything

I just know

how it makes me feel

saw you fall

pick yourself up

cuffed pants ego

don’t know when to expect you to

die you blow smoke

so I can taste what you feel

what I saw was trash wasn’t

wish I understood angles more

snoopy’s homeless uncle

asking me for directions

never know next

you let me into your room

when I fall and land I hope

that someone is cheering for me

things stayed dirty because you didn’t tell me

to clean up things

turning around

seem easier

when someone’s watching me

expectation produces results

there are people checking up on me

there are people who don’t know what I do

if I don’t make them happy

I want to do what no one else can

how much do they charge too

park off the side of the high way

no one saw you let go

choose your spots

take me there

I don’t

put the weight

in a specific


if you ask me why

I need this

ask Soho

crime does pay

drunk cop back on the job after shooting

three cheers

vengeance and the money trail

metal keeping us in everywhere

I woke up drunk and did parkour in the subway

I went home drunk and sang that amerie song

“why don’t we fall in love”

to the men who watched me

find a way to contact me

mark, you on the

ground leave

my body for the night

I need to feel ashamed

what was written on the building that we walked out of

no set speed

no style too

feet and hands

and where I should put them

you knew where to go

put yourself there

sitting on a park bench broken

arms almost reaching lamp posts

i didn’t know what a dervish was

the first 10 times

watched the sound of music

to know it was about you



send me to jail

if you’re going


you have no schedule

and i’d like to be

the curtains

i almost like you as much as

neil young

and that’s a lot

don’t tell me that it takes a lot

to be modernist

wear a logo

it’ll last longer

my brother was allowed to wear etnies

but my mom said i couldn’t

and called them elephant shoes

were you scared or stupid

the cowboy at the bodega

asked me for change

make it for yourself

if there’s not a bench

you can sit on the ground

i had a friend who made an ultimate proposal video

before that became de rigeuer

it was pretty good tbh

he had this girl show up on a segway

and hid in a cardboard box

after she got a mani pedi

she cried

but her cuticles looked good

loving someone

and doing things to uphold their vanity

is such a pleasant combination

you know what the last part means

that’s the curtains

look, i’m never gonna look good in a hoodie

i’ve accepted that

but i can still make something of myself

more dumb that brave

your living room needs more furniture

i want more of your time

controlling people often start

by just wanting to spend time with you

can’t get enough

damn, i wish that i was your lover

consciousness is a choice

your lip color isn’t

i hate when jay-z talks about foyers

with all this active passion

a foyer is an in between place

i guess that’s why he’s talking about foreplay there

but that’s usually the part i enjoy the most

feeling like most of my relationships

go down in the foyer

i can’t get out of the friend zone

congratulations you’ve won

congratulations you’ve won

congratulations you’ve won